Produced in conjunction with the Property Council of Australia, Ernst & Young’s latest report is a ground-breaking study into the drivers and barriers for women entering and thriving in the property industry.

Grow the talent pool: Insights on gender representation in property involved a survey of more than 3,800 people across the industry and 7 in-depth interviews with women leaders in property. The report was supported by 18 companies who are part of the Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC), established by the Property Council to drive greater gender equality across the industry and increase the number of women in leadership roles.

Property companies seeking to grow their talent pool have an important opportunity to introduce a cohesive leadership strategy. How developed is your talent management strategy and is it supported by the right policy, process and disciplines?

Download the report for insights into:

  • What are the pathways to property for women?
  • What is the profile of women in leadership in the property industry?
  • What are the drivers and barriers to attracting women to the property industry?
  • What are the drivers and barriers to retaining and promoting women in the property industry?
  • Actions to grow the talent pool
  • Breaking stereotypes: insights from women leaders in property

Key findings

This report of the study’s top-line findings goes a long way to explaining why male leaders in the property sector outnumber female leaders by three to one. Other findings include:

  • Women and men currently have very different pathways into property.
  • The property industry can source top talent from areas it currently overlooks.
  • Property companies need to evolve workplace practices to improve female retention and progression.
  • Women who are making it to the top in the property industry entered the industry by accident.
  • Most women were only considered as candidates thanks to insightful leaders who sought to buck the trend of hiring industry insiders. And the industry is better for it.

To download the report, click here. 

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