In many global organisations, international experience is viewed as a pre-requisite for executive and leadership roles. With just one in four outbound expatriates from Australia being female, organisations may unintentionally be limiting the progression of their high potential female employees. By exploring and addressing the barriers to female mobility, there is an opportunity to enhance both individual careers and organisational performance. (PwC)

Key Findings:

  • 69% of women would like to go on an international assignment within their company, yet only 25% of expats are women
  • 63% of women believe international experience is critical to further their career
  • 35.6% of international assignees initiated the opportunity to work overseas themselves, 17.8% via personal networks
  • 50% of females on international assignments are single, whereas 70% of males are married
  • Female international assignees show no greater preference for short term secondments than males
  • 28% of women surveyed cited a lack of role models as a reason for declining an international assignment

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