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Kirstin Ferguson

Kirstin Ferguson

Non Executive Director , PEXA Ltd
Non Executive Director , Envato Pty Ltd
Author, Women Kind (Murdoch Books, 2018)

Current Positions

Non Executive Director , PEXA Ltd
Non Executive Director , Envato Pty Ltd
Author, Women Kind (Murdoch Books, 2018)

Previous Positions

Non Executive Director, SCA Property Group
Deputy Chair, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Non Executive Director, Hyne
Non Executive Director , EML

Kirstin Ferguson is changing the way the world looks at leadership. As an award-winning and globally recognised leader, executive coach, company director, writer and speaker, she’s one of Australia’s most prominent leadership experts, derived from her 30-year executive career in addition to her PhD in leadership and culture.

Kirstin’s unique combination of skills and experience has driven her passion to inspire and educate all – because she believes everyone is a leader – to lead from the head and the heart.

Kirstin’s career includes over a decade of experience on a range of company boards, including a recent appointment by the Australian Prime Minister as Acting Chair and Deputy Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She’s also been the CEO of a global consulting company, a senior executive at a leading corporate law firm, and spent nearly 10 years as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.

A passionate advocate for women, diversity and inclusion, she’s responsible for sparking a viral social media campaign called #CelebratingWomen, and is the co-author of award-winning book, Women Kind. Her next book, Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership will be published by Penguin Random House.

Kirstin is also making a global impact, with UK-based Thinkers50 naming her one of the world’s top 30 “Thinkers to Watch” in 2021. Currently, Kirstin is a sought-after executive coach and public speaker, she is working on her next leadership book, sits on multiple boards and writes for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, answering the nation’s work, leadership and culture questions in her weekly column, Got A Minute?

Kirstin is deeply committed to helping people become the best leaders they can be and helping them to leave a positive legacy in the world. Kirstin believes that while curiosity, analysis, strategy and technical expertise will always be important; humility, insight, courage and empathy are just as vital. Leading with the head and the heart is the art of modern leadership and is an ethos Kirstin embodies, and inspires others to live by, every day.

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